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There’s a world of good in here

We're all about doing the right thing. We are committed to being "A Force for Growth and A Force for Good". That's why our people and our brands do good every day.

Whether it’s supporting hygiene education, providing a simple necessity like water or delivering essentials for families impacted by disaster, our goal is to improve the health and well-being of the communities we touch.

Learn more about the latest stories on how we are making positive difference in communities around the world.

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Global Programs

As a Company, we have a responsibility to give back to those in need.

Child holding P&G purified water

The Power of Clean Water

In a world where nearly a billion people struggle with access to clean drinking water, our Children's Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Program provides clean water to those in need. Our P&G Purifier of Water packets act as a water treatment plant - all in a 4-gram packet.

Each P&G water purification packet treats 10 liters of water and kills bacteria and viruses and removes parasites and solid materials. In just 30 minutes, a family of five can have clean drinking water for an entire day.


In 2021, with the help from our more than 150 global partners, we delivered our 19 billionth liter of clean water on our way to our goal of 25 billion liters by 2025.

Visit the CSDW site
Disaster response

Delivering Relief in Times of Need

After natural disaster, our brands help provide the comforts of home and a sense of normalcy to make each day a little better. This year, we responded to more than 30 disasters around the world.

To learn more about our P&G grant program click here.

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Canada Programs

We work with many partners to Lead with Love and help where our brands and services are needed, especially in these challenging and unprecedented times.

P&G Gives Back

P&G Canada has a longstanding commitment to the community. Our P&G Gives Back campaign matches employee and retiree donations to the United Way and other partner charities.

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Brand Programs

P&G brands help improve lives every day; when you clean your kitchen, wash your clothes or diaper your baby. Your choice to trust P&G products in your home helps us make a difference around the world—where we can impact even more lives through our acts of good.


Pampers knows that supporting parents and their mental health directly impacts their babies. Pampers has partnered with the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation to provide mental health resources for premature babies' families.

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COVID-19 Support

We’ve united to support consumers and communities through unexpected challenges, providing the brands people count on to take care of their personal health and hygiene and to create clean and healthy homes.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 50 brands made donations, and in partnership with more than 200 relief organizations, we reached people in more than 55 countries providing help to nursing homes, shelters, community groups, food banks and more.

We’re answering the call to do even more, guided by three core principles:

Our impact doesn't stop here

This is just a snapshot of what we’re doing around the globe. To learn more about the good we are doing around the world, check out our 2022 Citizenship Report.