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Product Safety

At P&G, our commitment to safety is both our heritage and our future.

Globally, we have more than 700 in-house experts devoted globally to environmental safety, human safety and regulatory compliance of all our products and ingredients. Our safety standards for our products and their ingredients are consistent throughout the world. We ensure our products are safe for their intended use before they even go to market as well as compliant with all local laws and regulations where they are sold.

That commitment to safety doesn’t stop once our products go to market. We continually investigate new scientific information and collaborate with external scientists and regulatory agencies on new safety methods. We also listen to the people who use our products to confirm they are performing as expected.

Our four-step, science-based process ensures both your safety and the safety of our products before they go to market.

  • Step 1: The Foundation
    • As part of the first step, our safety process screens out new ingredients that pose a relevant hazard in a consumer product. If we can’t establish both its safety and benefit to consumers, we won’t use it.
  • Step 2: Define Safe Range
    • We define the safe range for every ingredient we use with the same scientific process used by Canadian and other major regulatory agencies around the world (Health Canada, Environment Canada, FDA, EPA, WHO, EU, etc.). If there is not enough information to establish a safe range, we will remove the ingredient from consideration or investigate it further.
  • Step 3: Determine Safe Product Use
    • We evaluate all ingredients in the final product to confirm their actual use is in the safe range for both consumers and the environment. If we can’t conclude the product formula is safe, we will either reformulate or decide not to market the product.
  • Step 4: Monitor Use and New Information
    • Once a product is marketed, we monitor consumer use and investigate all new scientific information. We also collaborate with external scientists and regulatory agencies on new and updated safety methods.